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Published: 05th March 2010
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Superb appearances are a great asset. With outstanding features it will be on everybody's wish list. However, not all could pay the price required to gain one, that's where the iphone 3g clones comes in. These are more reasonably priced. The superb thing is also that they imbibe most of the characteristics of the original. In addition, these mini-gizmos have also improved on the loopholes of the former. The iPhone clone brands like HiPhone, SciPhone, MiPhone and CiPhone have come up with these user as well as pocket- favorable phones 3g or rather iPhone 3g clone.

IPHONE 3GS CLONE 32GB additional features include the following:Video recorder, Sound recorder,Handsfree, Calendar, Memo, Alarm clock, World time, Calculator, WAP / Internet Capability, MMS, GPRS download, Unit converter, Stopwatch, Currency converter, Handwritten input, Perfect appearance, Flat touch screen, Handwritten input, E-book reader, Image viewer MP3 & MP4 fluent player, This phone does not come in Wifi. Wifi option is availble by special request, Box May Vary. 3GB memory is standard,memory upgrading is available by request.GPRS / WAP Internet Capable. This phone does not have wifi,we can install wifi by special request. 2 Mega pixels High-definition camera. Image output size (max.): 640*480. Support to shoot with sound, the time depends on the storage. Phonebook:500 groups,different ringtone for groups, incoming ringtone, incoming call with big head sticker. Connectivity:GPRS / WAP Internet Capable. This phone does not have wifi,we can install wifi by special request. This iphone looks 100% Identical as the original ,like no other on the market and available with custom options.the processor is very fast .Many replicas look the same but do not act like this one does.

3G is best for viewing content-heavy websites (lots of images or videos playing), viewing YouTube files and other videos, uploading large files (photos, videos, presentations) to sharing websites, and downloading large files from an e-mail or a website. Video convferencing and VoIP phone calls are also possible with the Data Aircard.

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